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A client case study

Here is a testimonial I have recently received from a client who suffers with arthritis.

“I contacted Shoela Detsios after I had been diagnosed with Viral Arthritis, with the potential of being Rheumatoid. I was hardly able to walk, I couldn’t grip a pen or knife & fork. I felt permanently unwell and the specialist had put me on high dose steroids. Once the course was finished I was told that if I required more, then the only option was Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs.

I had also gained considerable weight that I was unable to lose. I was permanently tired and lethargic. As a former sports person I was finding these dramatic changes in my physical being really hard to accept.

I had some blood tests that I was able to share with Shoela and she suggested I also undertook a dry urine sample.

I visited Shoela in Uxbridge and for the first time I felt that someone was truly hearing me. She understood my symptoms, asked detailed questions and at the end of our meeting she gave me some natural drops to put on my tongue. She later emailed me a detailed programme of natural supplements.

We kept in touch monthly and Shoela told me until my gut was improving it would be unlikely I would lose the weight, but I improved almost immediately in the way I felt. I found my energy levels beginning to improve and I was less lethargic.

During our Skype monthly calls Shoela and I talked about things affecting my health, my work, home, family and the pressures I was under. Each time we finished a discussion I would receive a follow up email with a slight change to my supplement programme, with advice on other changes she suggested I make.

I stuck to the programme, but I was also heartened that Shoela accepted I was human and sometimes sticking with the programme was not always possible.

I am now 2 years on and I have now shed 21lbs of the weight I gained, I have been signed off from the Rheumatoid specialist, who doesn’t understand how I’ve changed so much! I feel amazing. I haven’t taken another steroid and I realise just how big a part my gut plays in my general health and well being.

I am so pleased I was introduced to Shoela and I recommend her and her methodology to anyone who will listen!”

Liz Doogan-Hobbs MBE

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