Acne as an adult

6 reasons why you have acne as an adult

Acne is something we typically associate with teenagers. However, it is a skin condition that can continue into adulthood for many. The good news is that acne can be successfully controlled by getting to the root of the problem. Like many other health issues, when the body is unwell, the skin and hair are the first places that reflect the illness.

So here are 6 reasons why you could still be suffering from acne as an adult.

1. Too many hair products

One of the biggest causes of adult acne is hair styling products – especially with acne on the forehead. Oily particles from hair gels seep down towards your face with sweat, which clogs your skin pores. This can lead to an acne outbreak on the forehead and t-zone.

2. Changing beauty products

A change from your regular beauty products can result in a breakout. This applies to cosmetics as well as face washes and moisturisers. Certain products can be oilier in texture or contain more chemicals which can cause acne.

3. Thyroid problems

Many women who suffer from thyroid problems and hormonal imbalance develop acne on their face, upper arms and back. Acne due to a thyroid disorder can be one of the hardest type to heal. Many women also experience acne during menopause.

4. Incorrect diet habits

Studies show that consuming a lot of dairy and sugar causes insulin spikes that are bad for your skin. Try to swap processed foods for homemade meals to lower your hidden sugar intake.

5. Increased stress

It is no secret that with aging, stress levels increase. Worries about future, finances and daily hassles takeover. Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life, but chronic stress can cause a severe acne breakout.

6. Sweat excess

When excessively sweating (e.g. during a workout), sweat can clog your pores and cause body acne on your chest, back, arms and thighs. This is especially true for those who wear synthetic clothes to the gym.

How I can help with your acne

I treat acne with medicines that are natural and free from side effects. My treatment for acne cures from the root by boosting the immune system to fight on its own. Healing the root of a condition always works more effectively than by just suppressing physical symptoms.

Get in touch with me for long-term solutions for healthy, glowing skin.

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